THE LADDER is simple to use. It takes what we already know and gives us a language to communicate it. THE LADDER can be used for both laboratory communication and patient education. The LADDER is a reference guide created for dentist-to-ceramist communication of tooth features, other than shade. THE LADDER is a pictorial display of meticulously and painstakingly crafted digital images on laminated archival photographic paper, allowing for multiple reproduction of identical references. These images are categorized, color-coded by category, and encoded for easy reference and clear communication. It is the most accurate and consistent system of images available today– depicting a comprehensive array of translucency, characterizations, surface anatomy, chroma, value, and variations. No longer are you subject to the vagaries of inaccurate color photos, written descriptions, schematic drawings, or the additional costs associated with photography. When you change media, there is always loss. There is no loss of information when using THE LADDER because communication is always 1st generation.
  • Structure of the ladder

    The LADDER measures 2 5/8” high by 8 ¼” wide with 84 images on 22 pages. Because of its size, it is convenient to use both chairside and at the laboratory. There are 6 categories of features as referenced above; 2 of which have sub-categories providing an organized and comprehensive depiction of features.The pages are respectively identified on the top and end of each page and each page is color-coded by category. The back cover serves as a quick reference to locate specific features in the booklet. All images are the same dimension and set into the same background to eliminate distraction when referencing features. Because of the booklet format, multiple pages (and images) can be viewed simultaneously for comparison and ease of use.