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    + Creating The LADDER involved hundreds of hours in research to develop classifications of features and an equal amount of time to enhance the images for a life-like appearance.

    + Photography cannot routinely capture features as depicted in The LADDER. There is always loss of detail regardless of the type of photography.

    + Shade scanners cannot communicate the features as depicted in The LADDER. A numeric reading does not convey the true quality and character of features.

    + No other system allows for diagnosing, communicating, and fabricating esthetic restorations to an unchanging standard.

    + The LADDER is printed using the highest quality lithography on archival photographic paper; and then laminated for durability and sterilization purposes.

    + Studies show that the cost of 1 (one) re-make between a dentist and laboratory is $1500.00 in lost time. The LADDER pays for itself each time it is used!