“The LADDER is a home-run.” – Dan Materdommi, daVinci Studios

“What an incredible tool for creating truly esthetic restorations. The dentist and ceramist are literally on the same page. This sets a new standard in dentistry that comprehensively integrates art with science.” – Larry Rosenthal, DDS

“I will never make another schematic drawing again!” – George Freedman, DDS, FAACD, FAGD

“I drove 4 hours to determine translucency on a patient. If my account had The LADDER, I could have saved the trip.” – Susan Blaut, Crown Connections

“I am finally getting back the exact characterizations I want to see in my restorations. It is a must-have for any dentist and/or lab.” – Gary Radz, DDS

“The LADDER is an outstanding tool and we relish the information it provides. The level of intricacy is unmatched by schematics and makes communication more accurate. We strongly recommend it to all of our clients.” – Scott Schubert, PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory

“As owner of Esthetic Professionals Laboratory & Hands-On Dental Education Center, I recognized The LADDER as a great way to enhance communications. It allows the lab to get closer, quicker for demanding esthetic cases.” – Bruce J. Crispin, DDS, MS

“No more expectation without the information.” – Steven Weinstein DDS,Inventor of The LADDER